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Is Dating Your Best Friend a Good Idea?

Some people love the idea of dating someone new. It's all about getting to know someone different. When you end up dating your best friend it is even more special.

Dating your best friend is good for a lot of reasons. You know everything about each other and you could be yourself around that person. When you are on a date with someone new you worry about saying or doing the wrong thing because you do not want to turn off the guy you are with.

The trust is already there. You know what type of a person he or she is. You know weather or not you could trust your best friend and if your best friend is relationship material.

The both of you love spending time with each other. You laugh a lot and have a lot of inside jokes together. You know all each others secrets and just enjoy being with each other.

The only downside of dating your best friend is what happens if you break up? You could end up losing a best friend as well as a boyfriend.

If you and your best friend have feelings with each other talk it out. There is the only downside but there are plenty of pros why you and your best friend should be more than friends. After all friendship is the foundation of a great relationship.

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