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Is craft beer on the downward slope or does history say otherwise?

Craft Beer

There are around 2,822 breweries in America today for a total population of around 316 million people. There are a number of people that think the craft beer world is getting to big and the 'bubble' is about to bust. In the craft beer world in the past couple of years the craft brewing facts do looking like they are getting large.
Craft beer stats of today

  • From 2009-2013 an average of 12 billion dollars in sales
  • Craft breweries average a 10.9 percent growth every year
  • Craft beer alone has 110,273 jobs in the U.S.A.
  • Craft beer sold around 14,500,000 barrels of beer for a population of 316 million

The numbers above do look like they are getting to big and with a rising number of people wanting more beer regulations from the government (such as wanting beer ingredients on their labels). The craft beer industry does look like it is going to burst; however, if you look at history then you may start to think differently.

Craft beer stats of yesterday

  • In 1850 you had 431 craft brewers making 750,000 barrels of beer for a population of 23 million
  • By 1860 you had 1269 craft brewers making 1 million barrels of beer for a population of 31 million
  • By 1867 the number of craft brewers had increased to 3700 making 6 million barrels of beer
  • By 1873 you had 4131 craft brewers in the U.S.A (this is despite a very large prohibition movement)
  • In 1914 craft brewers alone employed over 75,000 people (also despite a very large prohibition movement)
  • In 1933 thirty-one craft beer makers start to brew beer again after prohibition is lifted by 1934 this number jumps up to 756

If you take the numbers of yesterday and compare them to the numbers of today you find that we are just starting to get into the stride of where the beer brewing market in the U.S.A. should be economically. Though this may or may not mean that craft beer is either on the upward or downward slope of growth

The average American does not come in the top ten in beer drinking; however, America now has more craft brewers then does Germany. Something Germany is of course famous for having in its country. So is craft beer about to bust, that is for you to decide; however, until then enjoy your beer and don't drink and drive.

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