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Is craft beer getting too big?

The answer is yes, the question is though - Are major beer companies involved in the craft beer business? One major company that everybody has heard that is famous or infamous depending on your point of few, for buying out craft breweries and just keeping the name is Anheuser-Busch (the brewer of Budlight and Budweiser). However, not all major beer companies feel the same way that Anheuser-Bush feels like and some such as Constellation Brands ,do not want to get involved in the craft beer industry.
Constellation Brands own such beer as:
Corona Extra
• Modelo especial
• Victoria
• Tsingtao
• Pacifico

When Constellation beer was asked about why they would not want to get involved in what looks like a booming industry. They stated a few facts:
1. Craft beers are usually not successful outside their own market ( though there are a few exceptions)
2. Craft beer only makes up 8% of the overall beer market as of 2013
3. Sam Adams beer (one of the largest craft beer companies) sold 30 million cases of beer last year as Corona had sales of around 100 million cases

Some people will tell you that craft beer will never succeed because of the three tier system, others think that craft beer is the wave of the future. While some companies such as Constellation Brands keep out of the market all together. Whatever, your thoughts on the subject are enjoy your beer and drink safe.

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