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Is common core really what we need?

Common Core
Common Core

Kids are coming home crying, parent's are furious, and math class just got a whole lot worse. Adopted already in 45 states, and funded generously by the government, Common Core math is the new face of mathematics in K-12.

The sudden upheaval of how kids are taught math have left American's in shock. Kids are struggling more than ever to grasp new concepts on math that they already know how to do, and parents are frustrated at not being able to help their kids with even elementary school level homework.

The United States wants to remain innovative to the rest of the world, but is making kids cry really worth it? Check out this infographic for more on what really is going on in math class and what it could mean for your child's success in school. Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comments and don't forget to like and share with your friends.