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Is coexist possible?

Is coexist possible
Is coexist possible
Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

I’m sure you’ve seen the Coexist bumper stickers, as I have while driving through the Atlanta metro. The idea is almost euphoric and nirvana in nature, but is it possible. After the beheading of an American photojournalist by ISIS, we get a look at the harsh reality that an idealistic worldview of peace being possible with our sworn enemies, may be just that--idealistic, but not probable.
The Whitehouse confirmed that the video of ISIS beheading James Wright Foley was in fact authentic. The hooded militant warns that Steven Joel Sotloff, another American journalist will be next if the US airstrikes to Iraq do not cease. It is believed that the journalists were among about twenty hostages being held by the terror group.
In Mosul Christians are being killed and children beheaded. Over 3000 women and girls have been kidnapped by Islamic State Jihadists, in the past couple of days. Time and space do not permit me to share all the tragic such incidents that are occurring in the world, today, in addition to the fighting taking place in the Gaza strip and the attack on Israel.
Some believe that we are safe if America, but 9/11debunks that theory.
Muslims through Jihad, ISIS, Hamas, etc., have called Israel, “little satan,” and the United States, “big satan.” Israel has been demonized by some for fighting to protect their civilians from missiles, while their enemies are using their civilians to protect their missiles.
Hamas has just issued a warning to international airlines flying into Israel beginning Thursday, according to Fox News.
Israel has given up land for peace, but the more she gives, the more is demanded. Giving of the Gaza strip only brought her enemies closer to her. Let’s remember that God gave Israel the land in the Bible. It belongs to her.
Some recent news reports claim that God is redirecting the missiles aimed at Israel into the sea. The Bible says that the nations will gather against Israel, but God will fight for them.
Can we for a moment believe that if we are civil to our sworn enemies that they will in turn render the same kindness? History indicates otherwise. While I do believe that Christians are called to live as peacefully as possible with all men, I do believe that some do not want peace, but world domination.
I believe peace will come on earth when Jesus returns, I do not believe we will have peace or be able to coexist until that time.

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