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Is climate change causing the current cold snap?

Peter DeFazio
Peter DeFazio
Liberty Unyielding

Let’s call it “blathering-idiotgate.” The name is borrowed from an insult that Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) hurled at "climate-change deniers" before going on to hail climate change as one of the “biggest challenges of our time.” In his remarks on the House floor, DeFazio also urged the Obama administration to play hardball with China and other offenders to get them to cut down on carbon emissions. May Obama could draw a red line.

DeFazio’s statements were made in reaction to jokes he heard on talk shows regarding the “Arctic vortex” that is currently gripping the nation. If anything, his comments reveal he needs to get a sense of humor. A shipload of climatologists on the way to study the shrinking polar sea ice getting stuck in said ice is hilarious. So are efforts by people like Bryan Walsh, science editor at TIME, to explain how climate change might be responsible for the historic cold snap.

What makes Walsh’s proclamations equally funny is that the magazine he works for made a very different (would it be cruel to say “polar opposite?) prediction in 1974. Here is a key paragraph from the article, which bore the ominous title “Another Ice Age?”

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