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Is Chris Bukowski and Elise Mosca from 'Bachelor in Paradise' still together?

TV personality Chris Bukowski attends ABC's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Premiere Party held at Mixology101 & Planet Dailies on August 4, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Jesse Grant

Unfortunately for Elise Mosca, it seems that Chris Bukowski, just like Dylan Petitt, didn't end up being her Prince Charming. While neither Chris nor Elise has made a statement regarding the current status of their relationship, Chris' Twitter and Instagram pages suggests that he just couldn't handle her.

On the third episode of "Bachelor in Paradise," which aired on Monday, August 18, Chris injured his knee. Despite being in pain, he went on a one-on-one date with Elise, with whom he had made out with in the prior episode. The date seemed to go well and ended with them making out in the Jacuzzi.

Elise certainly felt as if she had a future with Chris. When the rose ceremony came around and it was announced that Chris would be leaving the competition to go back to Chicago because of his injury, Elise made the decision to leave the show as well and follow him to Chicago.

So did Elise's decision pay off with a great relationship with Chris? It doesn't seem so. As the episode aired, Chris took to Twitter to give his reactions. First, he retweeted a tweet from Jaclyn Swartz, who competed on "Bachelor" and "Bachelor Pad," stating that there's "a fine line between classy sequins and holy s**t she's gonna slice off my d$*k sequins," a dig at Elise's love of wearing sequins. Chris then tweeted that he's "not a rainbow," an obvious response to Elise proclaiming early on in the episode that she wants Chris to be her rainbow.

The next day, Chris found a fan's sarcastic Instagram post asking him if he'll love her if she dresses up in sequins funny. Also, a look at Chris' Instagram page shows no photos of Elise. Rather, it seems that he has been hanging out with Jaclyn quite a bit. He even watched last week's episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" with Jaclyn.

As for Elise Mosca, she doesn't seem to have any ill feelings towards Chris Bukowski. She even thanked him for going on the date with her. Perhaps viewers will see them reconnecting at another "Bachelor" spin-off in the future?

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