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Is child support a thing of the past?

Black women holding it down!
Black women holding it down!
Today's Drum

It's bad enough the economy is in the condition its in.  People everywhere are struggling to make ends meet.  But when you have a dead beat dad in your midst, refusing to pay child support for the children they helped bring into the world, it makes life that much more difficult to pursue.  

Women are forced as heads of households.  According to the Consumer Action report, women heads of households are in the worse financial conditions ever.  With the statistics in South LA of women on welfare and the like and even for those who have decently paid jobs, to assume that they are able to sufficiently care for one, let alone multiple children without child support is absolutely ludicrous.  Come on...$100 can help.  The games that are being run by men in order to escape the responsibility of providing for their children are incredible.  It takes more energy to duck and dodge than it does to simply dig into your pocket and grab a few dollars so that children can have some food to eat or a new pair of shoes.  It isn't fair that single mothers are made to be the resource for their children that men are avoiding.

Child support needs to be pursued.  Most women tire of the running after but it is worth it in the end.  If the ex isn't willing to "man up" and take responsibility with his own initiative, don't let it rest.  You are entitled to every dime coming your way.  After didn't make the baby (s) alone.

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