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Is Cee Lo Green homophobic or just misunderstood?

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Cee Lo Green is being accused of being homophobic after he posted a tweet accusing a concert reviewer, Andrea Swensson, of being gay.

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Update: It appears Cee Lo has quit Twitter.

Cee Lo obviously read Swensson's review and was a little upset. Maybe Cee Lo woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. If Cee Lo isn't homophobic, he sure is very immature.

Cee Lo said, ” @gimme_noise I respect your criticism but be fair! People enjoyed last night!I'm guessing ur gay?and my masculinity offended u?well f---k U!”

Cee Lo must think the "F" word has 5 letters not 4.

Photo: Screenshot of Cee Lo Green's "gay" tweets

Cee Lo started getting negative feedback on Twitter and decided to apologize to the gay community.

Apologies gay community! what was homophobic about that? I said I was guessing he way gay which is fine but its nice to what u think of me

Cee Lo Tweeted, “nakia and vicki"team ceelo"are proudly gay and are me greatest assets!I'm no bigot or homophobic. its all a very big misunderstanding

-- Sounds a bit like he’s pulling the “I have friends that are gay” card.

Any man the performs on stage wearing a peacock costume should not be accusing anyone of being gay.

Think before you tweet, Cee Lo. Twitter feuds are best left to those who haven't reached puberty yet.