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Is British Columbia falling behind in child entrepreneurship?

Are BC classrooms failing young entrepreneurs?
Are BC classrooms failing young entrepreneurs?

Do a search for junior entrepreneur programs in Canada and nearly everything you turn up will be based in Ontario or New Brunswick. Even Alberta and Quebec get in on the action, but British Columbia is sadly lacking in programs to get kids thinking about business. In most cases, it would be a relatively simple matter to incorporate the same programs Ontario uses in its schools into BC schools, but it's rare to find anything like this yet.

According to the Globe and Mail, the top ten entrepreneur programs for kids are mainly based in Ontario, making this the best province for parents wanting their children to get a head start in business.

What can you do as a parent or teacher? Talk to the school board and see if it is possible to include some business training in the classes. Or, look for options outside of school. You may even consider setting up your own young entrepreneur group if you can't find anything in your part of Vancouver.

Of course, children do not necessarily need a large group of like-minded peers in order to be successful. They may thrive with adult mentors and guidance, even though they do not have specific child entrepreneur training. While this depends on the child, most just need a little support from their parents in order to be successful.