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Is Brianna DiBattiste dead or alive?

What happened to this missing woman?
Chelsea Hoffman 2014

She hasn't been found yet, but police say that Brianna DiBattiste is dead. At least that's what Curtis Ray Neal says, according to this Thursday news report. The man has told investigators that the missing woman died, and he hid her body in a rural location. The details of this case are very vague, and probably for a good reason, but it's hard to put together any sequence of events with so many holes in the ongoing story. Was Brianna murdered, or did her death come about by natural causes? Apparently media sources have pressed Albany Police Chief Shannon Henry with a multitude of questions, but he wouldn't comment on whether or not Neal murdered DiBattiste.

"I don't have any evidence to prove it or disprove it," said Chief Henry. Officials are apparently worried that they're being led on a wild goose chase, and Curtis Neal's charges tend to reflect this. He's been charged with obstruction of justice and false informing -- meaning he's probably been lying about all of the info given to police.

These developments come on the heels of reports that insinuate a serial killer could be to blame for Brianna's and other women's disappearances. Brianna DiBattiste is just one of numerous women missing in the state, including Kristy Kelley and Lauren Spierer. Some reports have even compared her disappearance (alongside others) with the unsolved murder of Tracey Rutel. If Curtis Ray Neal is responsible at all for DiBattiste's disappearance/demise, then is he responsible for the disappearances of others? He is a repeat offender that has quite the rap sheet, so maybe it's something worth looking into, if not to confirm it, to at least eliminate it as a possibility.

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