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Is Bravo REALLY Anti-Violence or Just the New Jerry Springer? #RHOA

Violence and Reality TV
Violence and Reality TV

We all know about VH1 on Monday nights

-The Love and Hip Hop Franchise -The Basketball Wives Franchise & anything else that Mona Scott Young can think of. Vh1 is all Tom Foolery all of the time and we do not expect anything any different. However, Bravo used to be a channel with some dignity. Over the past season Andy Cohen has repeatedly been sharing that this is the Real Housewives of Atlanta's most popular season, but it has also been the most violent.

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Nobody likes Andy Cohen and his shows more than I do, I love Sunday nights, drinking a glass of wine and cackling with my family as we side-eye each other while watching Nene, Kenya and now even the husbands "do the fool" on Bravo. But after the notorious fight with Apollo, Peter and Kenya's friend, The Mama Joyce Shoe Throwing and then Kandi threatening to DRAG Cynthia Bailey's sister I can only beg the question,

"Is Bravo the new Jerry Springer Show?"

Married to Medicine is really no better with the wives of Atlanta's doctors and surgeons gossiping about each others children's paternity like Ratchet's and then fighting at black-tie parties when does it end? Probably never, but I think that Andy Cohen and the rest of the Bravo production company are dead wrong to say that they are anti-violence when they promote it like crazy when there is a physical altercation and allow it to be taped. It reminds me of the season Finale on Scandal, "Get those camera's out of my face." Says the Vice President and then her campaign manager encourages them to keep on filming.

Bravo is saying, "Physical violence is against our policy."

But we all saw Porsha Williams literally DRAG Kenya Moore by her hair like a rag doll down the stage. That footage had to be edited and approved. So what policy exactly is it against? And in my opinion, they sent Porsha home because they didnt want to pay her for the show. Now I dont know if they did or not, but those cast members make a large amount of their money on those reunion shows. And Porsha needs that money. I personally feel like reality TV has been wanning for a while and that viewers have been bored. Violence kicks it up a notch and gets us watching again. So why even say that we are against violence, Bravo? Tweet with me and tell me what you think @ClassySharelle Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery Digital Strategist and Editor-in-Chief,

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