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Is Brandon Howard Michael Jackson's love child? DNA test appears to be fake

This week, Brandon Howard and Michael Jackson somehow reconnected... A claim was made that MJ was Howard's father and DNA test results were presented to prove it. While most people weren't holding their breath, some wondered if Howard really was Michael Jackson's love child. Well despite reports that the DNA tests were 99.9% accurate, TMZ reported that they were fake. On March 7, the site reported that the DNA forms were doctored and the logo from the "lab" on the top of the paper was taken from the movie "Terminator Salvation."

Despite what seems like a desperate attempt to fabricate such a grand story, Howard, 31, has said that he has nothing to do with the tests.

Brandon Howard looks like Michael Jackson and has the same voice and many of the same mannerisms. But these aren't the only reasons that people believe that MJ could really be his dad. Jackson reportedly knew B Howard's mother, Miki Howard, who went by the name "Billy" back in the 80's. According to TMZ, the song "Billie Jean" might be in reference to Miki Howard. The lyrics of the song suggest that Jackson's relationship with Miki was questioned -- was it romantic? Did MJ father her child? In "Billie Jean," MJ denies both of these questions.

Despite the evidence in support of B Howard, he says that he's not suing MJ's estate nor is he running to the media with some outlandish story. Apparently the DNA tests (fake or not) were done without him present. So what's in it for someone else?

Brandon Howard doesn't want Michael Jackson's money (so he says) nor does he seem to want attention -- but there has to be a bigger picture here, right? Do you think Howard could be MJ's son?

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