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Is Black Gold’s Steampunk MMO a Texas Tea Formula to Strike it Rich?

You can build "Carriers" armored mech mounts that can be used in PVE and PVP combat.
You can build "Carriers" armored mech mounts that can be used in PVE and PVP combat.
Snail USA

My first impression of Black Gold from the opening video was one of mixed feelings. The grainy video I felt fit well with the game’s steampunk theme, but I was disappointed to see that there was no voiceover. While character’s mouth moved while text scrolled across the bottom of the screen, it reminded me of games like Final Fantasy tactics, only this isn’t 1997 and players expect a lot more from MMO’s these days now that the bar has been raised.

Once in past my character creation, which I spent way too much time with, I was began to poke around the controls. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had a number of default options I could use, such as traditional WASD style where the character moves in the direction he/she faces or Black Gold mode where the character moves in the direction the camera is facing with said controls. In addition you can modify a number of functions and key mapping to make things fit however you like to play MMOs.

I should note that game’s UI reminded me of Jade Dynasty and Forsaken World, so the font is a bit awkward at times and the color palette doesn’t always make things obvious. Hopefully this will be updated once the game is launched. On the plus side, you do have the option to turn on auto-pathing to quest NPCs, which I find very useful when leveling up my first character in a new MMO. Another plus about this auto-pathing is that the game will auto-mount your character as well if the NPC is far, or keep you running if it’s nearby.

The opening tutorial is similar to Tera’s in that you play a character through a defeat, but get a glimpse of some things that are yet to come with your character.

During the weekend I had a chance to play as a Dwarf Spellsword and Human Occultist. While the Spellsword sounded interesting, I feel as if it might be too much of a hybrid class to really be useful at end-game. However, my Occultist (healer) quickly became my favorite once I found out that I could move while casting and channeling spells. I literally squealed with glee at this functionality and it makes for a completely new gaming experience for someone who has played a healer-caster in numerous MMOs.

For now I was able to hit level 15 on both characters, I plan on trying out the magic races next and some of the other classes before I decide what I want to focus on at launch.

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