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Is black considered taboo these days?

Black wedding gown
Black wedding gown

Not too long ago at the request of a dear friend and bride, I designed a black wedding gown for her. I personally am not traditional, but it definitely took my a minute to take in the request. I kept asking her, "Are you completely sure you want this for your wedding day? I know you want to be unconventional, but what about a different color?"

In my opinion, black always seemed like the color intended for mourning and to be worn at funerals. Though wearing a black wedding gown to your ceremony will probably still result in some ohhs and ahhs, it seems as though these days anything surprisingly taboo isn't so much so anymore. While reading articles and scanning through fashion magazines, brides seem to be taking more of a risk in choosing the cut and color of their gown.

I must say that after my dear friend tried on her gown for the first time, it literally took my breath away. There's just something romantic and mysterious about black. She looked absolutely gorgeous and the color of the gown didn't seem so important after all.