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Is 'Biggest Loser' winner too skinny now?

Rachel Frederickson
Rachel Frederickson

Rachel Frederickson may have been crowned the "Biggest Loser" winner. But her dramatic 155 pound weight loss is getting criticism from viewers who think she is too skinny.

The 24-year-old voice-over artist from Los Angeles lost 60 percent of her body weight, which is the highest percentage of weight lost by anyone on the show ever. Her obviously thin frame caused fans to express their concern for her health and shock on social media.

Fans tweeted their disapproval.

Lilly ♡@LilRabenn says: "In my opinion Rachel is too skinny. Going from obese to 105lbs on biggest loser CANT be healthy. I don't approve."

Joseph Jaffe @jaffejuice says: "There needs to be a red line that disqualifies finalists for too much weight loss based on a minimum BMI threshold #biggestloser"

Arianne Young @Bettykiss says: "Oh no. I feel like Rachel lost too much. I actually feel concerned. I had to turn away. #BiggestLoser"

Frederickson says she’s healthy and said she doesn’t plan on losing more weight.

She told TODAY, “I’m at the maintenance point now so I need to find some balance and make sure I work out and I eat healthy and make good choices 90 percent of the time. I’m not sure I’ll maintain this weight, but I plan to try new exercises and just continue on this path and see where that takes me.”

NBC declined to comment about concerns over Frederickson's health.

Dolvett Quince, who trained both Frederickson said he’s in awe of the physical and emotional transformations he’s seen in the final contestants.

What do you think? Does Rachel look unhealthy now?

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