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Is Big Brother Still Watching?

Since the firestorm created by Edward Snowden last year, it makes you wonder about the technology that surrounds us. Snowden released classified files from the NSA and GCHQ about global scale surveillance. With that being released caused tensions around the world and nationally across the United States. Major internet companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple to name a few, where accused of helping the NSA with the collection of date from the users. Later they set the record straight by stating something along the lines of being forced to release the data. Some companies has filed laws to limit the collection of data and some have not.

In the recent weeks, Google has encrypted all of their Gmail accounts and emails. Although they are not necessarily NSA proof, they still want user to believe Google is for cyber privacy. Unfortunately, Microsoft may seem like it is not for privacy as they sell information to the FBI. A pro-hacker group called the Syrian Electronic Army compromised the FBIs Digital Intercept Technology Unit and uncovered invoices from Microsoft. Then, recently President Barrack Obama announced to halt the NSA of bulk surveillance. It makes you think if that is another empty promise. Is it time we go back to letters and typewriters?

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