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Is Beyonce pregnant? Okay, let's say she is. Can we move on now?

There's not much hope for the world when an historic piece of legislation has been passed, legislators who voted for it are being threatened with bodily harm, opponents feel free to use hate speech and criminal threats against the proponents .... and all the World Wide Web seems to care about is whether or not Beyonce is pregnant.

White males who have every advantage in the world simply because of their gender and skin color are outraged over the fact that they did not 'win' the health care debate. As a result, they are doing what people of privilege do when they don't get their way: they are throwing a tantrum, and they are using threatening language and actions to get attention. As a result, the true leadership in Washington, a rainbow coalition of sorts, is having to act like the mature hired help and try to calm the whiny white kids who really should be spanked and sent home. Many people and pundits want to downplay this, but all this acting-out by bitter white people is a very telling and dangerous sign. Many used to joke that if the Republican Party stopped getting what they wanted, they would intimidate, abuse and do whatever they had to do to retain power. This month, we are seeing proof positive that these whiny, over-privileged white legislators and their followers will stop at nothing to make sure no group of people get a hold of any power, especially any of theirs, perceived or otherwise.

And make no mistake about it. These people clearly are disrespectful of the President for one simple reason: he does not look like them. (Even though he is both black and white, and thus, he is one of them.) We have a real crisis in this country that will unfortunately manifest into some sort of violence against someone merely trying to exercise their constitutional rights. All the while, far too many people are obsessed with knowing whether or not one-third of Destiny's Child is pregnant (we assume by husband Jay-Z).

So, in an effort to get back to what's truly important (not that it will happen), let's just declare Beyonce to be pregnant and move on. Whether or not she is doesn't matter. Whether or not she carries a child to full term doesn't matter. Let me repeat: it just doesn't matter. So, here it is, first told on this blog. Beyonce is pregnant (wink)! There. I feel better already.

If we are not careful, young girls of color will find that their only role models are not legislators or businesswomen or women of real political or financial power. Instead, they will see that the only thing they can dream about is a long shot at being a famous singing diva, a best-supporting actress or a well-known talk show host that doesn't talk about issues of importance to women of color.

Oops! We are already there. Beware, all you single ladies who couldn't get anyone to put a ring on it. Other than the new Star Trek movie, you are hard-pressed to find any people of color in science fiction portraying the future.

Be afraid - and keep your eyes open. That brick coming through your window could be from your next elected representative.


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