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Is Bergoglio off his rocker or just a darn good actor?

The National Catholic Register reported June 9 (1) that Pope Francis is calling for a humane justice system. Somehow, such a plea tends to lose its impact when coming from a convicted child trafficker and rapist.

Is Pope Francis on his way to Hollywood? Original photo:
Is Pope Francis on his way to Hollywood? Original photo:

One cannot help but wonder what Bergoglio is up to.

These kinds of shenanigans are so similar to those going on in the Obama abomination that there must be some sort of connection—perhaps that whole New World Order/One World Religion thing?

Admittedly, Obama is a great tutor, as he is a pro at smoke and mirrors. The man has committed innumerable acts of tyranny yet, remains in office. The key to his success is a cowardly, compromised congress, senate, and Supreme Court.

But back to Bergoglio.

The pope is doing everything he can to present a business-as-usual demeanor, but his plan doesn't appear to be working too well. He is still wiping the egg off his face for his May 27 statement (2) that he has a "tacit knowledge" of the connection between child rape and satanic Masses.

The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITTCS) jumped all over this in a heartbeat—and understandably so. The very same day it issued a response:

Our position is that Jorge Bergoglio’s bizarre remarks are not coincidental, but reveal that he understands that the rape of children within his church are linked to satanic rituals in which he himself participates. We consider the Pope’s remarks a tacit admission of guilt and more evidence of his involvement in this monstrous crime.

Ruth Leopold, a survivor of Catholic ritual torture and rape responded to the pope's comment:

Any idiot knows that even mentioning trigger words like ‘satanic mass’ will re-traumatize victims of satanic torture. So we consider the Pope’s remarks the lowest kind of sadistic insensitivity. Maybe his words were deliberately designed to make more of us kill ourselves, now that we are accusing him of taking part in Ninth Circle ritual killings. It’s time he stepped down.

It almost makes you feel sorry for the guy.

So now, he's falling back into the Jesuit/Socialist social justice mode, calling for a "fuller understanding of justice."
Frankly, it would seem that he would be the last person on earth to seek justice—particularly from the greatest Judge of them all.

Which raises the question: "Is Bergoglio off his rocker or just a darn good actor?"

Is he so consumed with evil that he is incapable of realizing where he is headed? How does that happen? One would expect a Muslim president to think himself greater than God, but the pope?

The only other answer is that he (and Ratzinger and all the other Ninth Circle people) are running scared and have no other recourse than to play dumb.

In his recent letter to the participants of the 19th International Conference of the International Association of Penal Law and the Third Congress of the Latin American Association of Penal Law and Criminology, Bergoglio cited the parable of the Good Samaritan as "an example of satisfaction which focused on 'justice for the victim,' rather than 'executing the aggressor.'"

Soooo, what kind of justice is appropriate for a three-year-old little girl who is raped and tortured?

Bergoglio added that, “Therefore, the Church recommends a justice that is humanizing, genuinely reconciling, a justice that leads the offenders, through an educational way and through inspiring penance, to complete their rehabilitation and reintegration into the community.”

Oh, put a sock in it, already.

The ITCCS is starting to play hardball. They are making a "one-time offer" of general amnesty and a reward for as much as 10,000 Euros to any whistleblower who is an employee of the Vatican or Church of England.

It reads as follows: (3)

Hello. My name is Kevin Annett and I have been authorized by the International Common Law Court of Justice to make the following announcement and offer to every employee and agent of the Vatican and the Crown of England, anywhere in the world:

As I speak, the top officers of the bodies you are serving are being tried for the torture, trafficking and murder of children. Pope Francis, Jesuit leader Adolfo Pachon, the Archbishop of Canterbury and other top Crown and church officers have already been indicted for these crimes. And every employee of the Vatican or the Crown and Church of England will be considered legally complicit in these crimes once they have been proven in our common law court of law.

This is an appeal to insiders in these murderous organizations to come forward and do what is just and right – and to spare yourselves prosecution and exposure for your own involvement in these crimes.

The Court is therefore making each of you this one time only offer:

If you name the names and provide evidence of those responsible for these crimes, and can verify the involvement of Pope Francis and the others in the murderous actions of the Ninth Circle cult and other crimes, you will be granted a general amnesty and will not be prosecuted for your involvement in or knowledge of these crimes.

This general Amnesty also extends to any citizen with such inside and verifiable knowledge.

In addition, the Court will reward any of you with such insider knowledge up to 10,000 Euros for your evidence and statements.

You may contact the Court Prosecutor’s Office at the emails and phone numbers listed at the end of this broadcast. Your statements will be kept in complete confidentiality.

Know this: Those whom you have sworn to serve and obey are monstrous criminals who have the blood of innocent children on their hands. The truth of their crime is being revealed. If you do not stand with justice and the innocent, you will fall with the convicted heads of church and state.

You have been released from your oaths of allegiance, and ordered to stand down from your service of these criminals, by lawful proclamations of the Court. You are free to do what is right.

Act on that freedom, today. We await your answer.

"We must also remember that we are all sinners, in need of God’s forgiveness,” Bergoglio said, in his letter to the 19th International Conference of the International Association of Penal Law.

Ain't that the truth.


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