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Is Belmont Springs water still telling the truth?

The website states; “The pure waters of Belmont Springs were discovered high on a hill in Belmont (beautiful mountain), Massachusetts, more than 300 years ago by Native Americans. Early settlers rediscovered this natural spring by following an Indian footpath. Almost 200 years later it was established as the Belmont Springs that we know today. Rather than having to journey to discover this water yourself, we can deliver it directly to your door!”

Wait, they continue with beautiful worded copy…”From bedrock formed in prehistoric times, Belmont Springs arises. It is clean, pristine water from a natural source-a rarity, especially today. Belmont Springs takes great pride in providing you with the purest natural spring water. Because its source is hundreds of feet underground, its water retains its purity. The impenetrable bedrock, which is tapped below the surface to avoid contact with any contaminants, further protects the quality of its waters.”

So the real question to ask is, why does the current New England Manager of DS Waters and the Belmont Spring brand have all of his shipments arriving in Belmont, MA from a 3rd party contract beverage manufacturing company in Worcester, MA? Seems the supply chain might get stressed delivering water tanker’s 38 miles west from the source to be bottled. Then once staged, it is loaded, and transported east 38 miles and beyond to be unloaded, stored, warehoused, before being reloaded into smaller class B trucks for local delivery from larger class A commercial trucks.

I give the fine hard working people of Polar Beverages the credit for keeping this brand alive as they have fallen to a distant second from Nestle Water’s Poland Springs in the Home and Office delivery segment. I know for a fact that Poland Springs ships their water tanker trucks as local as Framingham to be bottled. So, now the question remains if it still is actual spring water or, “Worcester Water"? Are the minerals injected in for taste after initial purified production? Well, well, well, let’s get to the bottom of this!

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