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Is being an atheist in South Carolina that much of a bad thing?

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Is being an atheist in South Carolina that much of a bad thing? I know that South Carolina long had, and still has, a requirement in its' laws that one must believe in a god in order to be an elected official. Still there, though unenforceable because of a court ruling. I bring this up because Governor Haley wrote in a post on Facebook that Department of Social Services Secretary Lillian Koller is not an atheist.

What a weird thing to write, right? This though was in regards to a Facebook post by State Senator Shealy who wrote that she asked the governor's staffers if Koller was an atheist. Koller is Jewish by the way. Now, in this Facebook post by Shealy she stated, "I would worry if she was an atheist."

Why? Does the senator believe that an atheist administrator of the agency wouldn't do her job or show empathy for the people (including children) it provides services? Shealy comes from the same state senate where a State Senator Byrant held up a bill that would make the mammoth the official state fossil of South Carolina, by saying that his the Christian deity made it, evolutionary processes be darned.

A bill whose idea was an 8 year old girl by the way, and who was way more interested in actual science then this senator. The state senate seems to produce a lot of people who desire to push their religious beliefs, or worry if someone isn't sufficiently religious.



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