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Is Being a Vegetarian Healthy?

Lunch Lady, may I please have the raw, organic vegetables?  I feel like living longer today.
Lunch Lady, may I please have the raw, organic vegetables? I feel like living longer today.
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Heck, yes it is!  A lot of people relate being vegetarian to extra-terrestrial beings when, in fact, vegetarianism does not make you a foreigner to planet earth.  The changes that occur when one becomes vegetarian are nothing but positive.

It's a Life Saver

A vegetarian diet not only prevents heart disease, but can also completely reverse it.  On top of that people eating a vegetarian diet are much less likely to get cancer, be obese, and consume life depleting pesticides and herbicides.  Also vegetarian benefits from an increased immune system and much, much more.

Animals Have Feelings Too

Some people think that the concern of animal abuse should be left up to PETA and hippies.  You don't have to be related to either one of those categories to realize that animal abuse by pumping them full of chemicals, beating them, and for no need brutally murdering them is wrong.  Ever seen that movie Bad Taste where the martians come to harvest the humans for food for their fast food restaurants?

Remember the Planet We Live On?

Aside from the animals being abused, it takes up huge amounts of land, water, food, and energy to support the meat farming industry.  Imagine how much of our precious natural resources we could save if we were all vegetarian.  It never hurts to shrink our environmental foot print.

But How Will I Get My Protein?

Did you know that the only complete protein meal that exists is beans and rice, an indefinitely vegetarian meal?  Meat company's have made a huge effort through advertisement to convince people that you can't get the protein and other nutrition you need without meat.  This is an obvious falsehood.  Large amounts of protein are found in eggs, dairy, beans, nuts, seeds, grains, fruit, and yes, even vegetables.  Protein is in almost everything you eat!

Closing Thoughts

So maybe you still think that being vegetarian is for the extra-ordinary folks who like to recycle and hug trees.  If you have not developed an interest in preserving our environment, at least consider an interest in bettering your health.  Please don't dig a preventable, early grave by eating unhealthy meats and get ready for the tasty vegetarian recipes that I will be posting!

For more information check out the links below and as always please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns at

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