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Is beer flavored candy right or wrong?

Jelly Belly has a number of flavors that they use in the profiles to make their candy, including green apple, cappuccino and buttered popcorn. So did they go too far with their new flavor of candy. When they made a beer flavored Jelly Belly bean.
The beer flavored bean did not just happen overnight, but it happened over years of research to make sure the German Hefeweizen flavored profile was right and that the aroma of the beer was "mildly bready". They beer flavored jelly bean, which is not there first bar flavored jelly bean. They have also made other bar flavors including:
• Pina Colada
• Mai Tai
• Strawberry Daiquiri
• Margarita
• Mojito
• Peach Bellini
• Pomegranate Cosmo
Along with these other bar flavor jelly beans, the company also makes rotten egg, skunk spray, stinky socks and booger flavored jelly beans. So why is it when the beer flavored jelly bean comes out it gets immediate hatred towards the company, yet people do not complain about the other flavors of the candy.

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