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Is bariatric weight loss surgery right for you?

Grey's Anatomy of the Gut
Grey's Anatomy of the Gut
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Are you considering weight loss surgery?

Texans have a reputation for being bigger and better, but being unfit is definitely bad for your body image.

More than one third of Americans are now considered to be obese. Obesity is the number one cause of adult onset diabetes and bariatric surgery is considered a valid treatment for Type II diabetes. Other risk factors of obesity include heart disease, cancers, joint problems, and low self esteem.

If you have seriously tried diet and exercise to get healthy and still can not lose the excess weight, then bariatric surgery may be what you need. Bariatric programs achieve the goal of medically supervised weight loss. There are several types of weight loss surgery and you should attend a seminar to find the one that is right for you.

Listening to bariatric surgeons talk about the details of weight loss surgery can help you make educated decisions about the surgery. Seeing a dietician can open your eyes to the type of food you will be able to eat after the surgery. You will have to determine if you will be able to live with the food restrictions that follow. Bring supporting friends and family so they will know how to help you when you need it.

Supporting friends and family are very important on your weight loss journey.

Your family will have to learn to stop enabling bad eating habits. After the surgery you will have to be on a very restrictive diet for up to a year or so. Then you will have to adopt life long habits of healthy eating to maintain your weight loss. The surgery is not a cure all for obesity.

Is bariatric weight loss surgery right for you? Only you will be able to decide. The surgery is only for people who have already made many serious attempts to lose weight. Bariatric surgery is a valid option for people who are morbidly obese and have been unable to lose weight by diet and exercise alone. A good deal of mental preparation is advised before undergoing the procedures.

If you wish to investigate weight loss surgery in the Cedar Park, Texas area, free information seminars are available at Cedar Park Regional Medical Center and are hosted by Bariatric surgeon Nicole Basa, M. D. To register for a seminar call 512-528-7317.


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