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Is Barack Obama doing the devil's work?

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America may not be perfect, but it is still the best damn nation in the world.

Why then does our President, Barack Obama, work so hard to destroy it?

Right off the bat, this whole idea could be construed as racist. But, then again, that would only be a truly tired way of avoiding the truth that this President is an abysmal disaster. But incompetence could be forgiven. Yet, we all know that Mr. Obama is a very intelligent, resourceful man. After all, he has been elected, and re-elected, to the most powerful position (other than the Papacy) in the world.

So, with a wealth of intelligence, charm, and resourcefulness, not to mention a boat load of money, why is this President such a train wreck?

Because, that's exactly what he planned all along. Or, more precisely, that's exactly what the devil has planned for his Presidency. How else could you explain the total disaster he has wreaked on our economy--building 17 Trillion reasons to despair? How else could you explain the total disaster he has wreaked on our national standing--encouraging terrorists, Iranian nuclear weapons, Russian resurgence, domestic terrorism, and the all out assault on our southern border by illegal aliens? How else could you explain the total, cataclysmic disaster of continued federally funded abortions, government sponsored gay 'marriage,' and an all out assault on Judeo-Christianity through the HHS contraceptive mandate? How else could you explain the embarrassing disaster of government run amok in IRS, Benghazi, NSA, BLM, and an assortment of other government overreaches?

The list could go on and on. But why bore you to death with this President's bumbling, stumbling, fumbling legacy?

Why can't we just admit that this man hates America? After all, you don't destroy the thing that you love most. And, like the devil, he truly thinks that crucifying the good will win victory for evil.

But we all know the Risen ending to that story.