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Is Bankrupt Detroit Cursed? – Hit By Massive Sinkhole in Heart of Downtown

Does Nain Rouge Curse Haunt Detroit?
Does Nain Rouge Curse Haunt Detroit?
photo credit - My Fox Detroit

Detroit’s bankrupt sinking fortunes hit a new low with the downtown area was hit by a massive sinkhole. Just when Detroiters could not conceive things could get worse the actually could, where, according to Fox News the January showcase event, the North American International Auto Show was greeted by a 14 foot deep sinkhole which opened up blocks away from the downtown glittery event.

The Motor City which has been hit by continuing financial doldrums has always used the auto show to give it the psychological boost to shore up its once vaulted position as the car capitol of the world.

But perhaps the city’s continuing financial meltdown has more to do with a curse that was placed upon it back before the city was founded. It seems that the Nain Rouge placed a curse upon the city according to popular legend. Back before the city’s founding in 1701, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac the founder met a fortune teller who warned him about the dreaded Nain Rouge.

This person was supposedly a harbinger of doom and, if Cadillac chooses to settle the city near the straits between Michigan and Ontario, it would be fraught with challenges and the course, “It will be a long uphill slog fraught with setbacks.”

Well, it appears that the Nain Rouge has been paying Detroiters back in spades, because this huge sinkhole just puts one more damper on the city which is struggling to make a comeback. WWJ-AM reported that age was indeed a factoring in opening up the sinkhole which is estimated to be 10 feet wide. Though it may take several days to repair, metro –Detroiters are indeed hoping this sinkhole is not just another sign of the sinking revenue stream Detroit officials are feverishly attempting to correct.

What a seeming coincidence that the sink hole is located at the downtown intersection of Jefferson and Randolph is close by the Coleman A. Young municipal building, where city officials are trying to repair the city’s desperate financial sinkhole.

Is it a sign from beyond the political graves of democrat city and union officials who have sunk the city and its residents into the financial cesspool it now occupies at the behest of the Nain Rouge?

Well, the only way to get rid of the curse is to perform a political exorcism and rid the city of all the liberals, union officials and progressives that perform to the delight of the Nain Rouge.

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