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Is ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star Michelle K still with Ryan Putz?

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 04: TV personality Michelle Kujawa attends ABC's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Premiere Party held at Mixology101 & Planet Dailies on August 4, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Jesse Grant

Fans of ABC’s summertime reality show “Bachelor in Paradise” are still in shock over Monday night’s bizarre episode, which found recently departed alum Michelle Kujawa involved in a trust with a crew member. The hookup ended badly—sound man Ryan Putz reportedly jumped off of a 25-foot balcony to hide from crew members who knocked on Kujawa’s hotel room door, ultimately breaking both of his feet. Cameras for the ABC reality romance franchise missed the daredevil action, but they did show a campy reenactment.

On his blog on Tuesday for Entertainment Weekly, host Chris Harrison called Putz’s stunt “100 percent inexplicable” and questioned the duo’s crazy affair.

“We had a pretty clear idea about Michelle’s special relationship with our audio guy after she left the show and started making odd comments to us,” Harrison wrote. “Obviously once Mr. Putz made the fateful, inexplicable decision to jump off the balcony and crushed both his heels, ending up in a Mexican hospital, we could no longer just let it go. The two of them made such a mess out of the situation that we had no choice but to include it in the show and tell the story exactly how it happened… The only person that didn’t open up completely on camera was Michelle, but she more than confirmed it all to producers off camera.”

When Monday night’s show aired, Kujawa posted a status on her Facebook page and tagged Putz in it: “Vegas. Far far away from Tulum, Mexico. Not watching till the time is right. — with Ryan Putz,” she wrote.

Putz didn’t comment, but his Facebook profile features a photo of him in the hospital -- and his two casts are clearly visible. It doesn’t appear that Kujawa was with Putz when she made the Facebook post from Vegas.

While Kujawa is a veteran of several shows in the “Bachelor” franchise, “Bachelor in Paradise” fans want to know the deal with her summertime fling. Ryan Putz’s IMDB profile reveals he’s an experience sound guy, and has worked in the sound department for a few other reality shows, including “Top Chef” and “Taking the Stage.” He even worked sound utility for the recent big screen flick “22 Jump Street.”

But did he get to finish out his work on “Bachelor in Paradise?” Or more importantly, did he even start? His tryst with Kujawa allegedly began during the reality star’s hotel stay before filming began. It’s unclear when he made his fateful jump, but Putz’s IMDB profile has no mention of his sound work for the show.

And in an interview that was filmed in the hospital and aired on Monday’s “Bachelor in Paradise,” Putz said his fling with Kujawa wasn’t worth the repercussions. Sounds like that romance ended in Mexico – and so did his short stint as a sound man.

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