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Is Ashley's Steakhouse Brevard Counties Most Haunted Location?

What goes bump in the night at Ashley's Steakhouse
What goes bump in the night at Ashley's Steakhouse
Brevard Ghost Hunters

Hearing that Ashley's Steakhouse was one of Brevard's most haunted locations made us have to schedule a time for an investigation. We booked our slot and were excited when the date approached. Researching the location it is said to be haunted by a small girl in a blue dress, a man who walks the railroad tracks directly behind the building and Ethel Allen, one of Brevard Counties most infamous unsolved murders. Stories of Ethel Allen seems to float all around the Spacecoast however that will be another tale to tell.

Arriving at the cute Tudor style building on the side of US1 in Rockledge Florida, one would not think many things went bump in the night here. The interior was well endowed with plants, a nice bar area and tables for diners on both the lower and upper floors. We were greeted by the lively server whom took our reservation and she began to tell us the history of the hauntings that she herself as well as other employees and long time customers had experienced. As we scurried from one area of the restaurant to another each nook and cranny carried a small piece of the history of what used to be called Jacks Tavern. Built some time after prohibition on the land of a burnt down railroad depot. There has been many owners as well as many changes to this building since it was first constructed but it always served cocktails or food to those traveling down to the area. It has even been said at one time it was a brothel and Ethel Allen was just one of the girls.

We sat and listened to the locals and the employees recant the eerie stories that went along with this location over the years and were shown two pictures that hung on the wall of a mist encircling one of the booths in the far side dinning area. If they are authentic I can not say as I was not there to validate the photography, however it looks like a ghostmist of sorts but I saw no face or body image as they eagerly tried to point out to me. We heard stories of floating pots and pans, some thrown at employees. We also were to understand that the bathroom is where the guests of this restaurant get the feeling of being watched or touched and our team was excited to get started with the investigation.

We set up our equipment on the upper level as the server locked the building and shut off the lights. I must say Ashley's took on another flavor in the inky darkness with nothing more than some streetlights shining through the small windows. We performed an extensive EVP and photography session and had the video camera rolling facing the staircase where it was said the young child in blue appeared. After two hours of going into every corner of this restaurant we sat and did a dowsing rod session and the server was more than happy to sit in. With each question asked the dowsing rods seemed to answer and after a while we asked the waitress if she would like to try them. She took the rods in her hands and as we each asked questions we received no response. They seemed to just go dead in her hands. We sat and spoke some more as the stories were fascinating and we had hoped we caught evidence as fantastic as the stories being told. It was well after one in the morning when we left and we couldn't help but be excited as we conversed all the way home in anticipation of the catches of the night.

Arriving home in the early morning hours we decided to go over our evidence in the morning. I remember it being hard to fall asleep with all the information we gathered and how smooth everything went. I couldn't help but wonder if we caught anything on our equipment. I snuggled down for the night with swirling thoughts of the evidence to come.

Arising early the next morning we decided to get started right away. Grabbing coffee Gerry stated when he walked into the kitchen all the dishes started to rattle however nothing was moved, and no wind or anything out of the ordinary was present. Cilla and I felt nothing during the investigation nor did we see any spirits, however the dowsing rods seemed to answer many of our session questions. We downloaded our photos and sat in a circle to listen to the five recorders we had placed through out the restaurant. It took many hours to go over and over each recording however no EVP's were captured. Disappointed I decide to see what my camera had captured. At first glance all seemed normal as I go through them rather quickly for the first run. The second time I notice the figure of a women standing in the corner. She appeared again over the shoulder of the server during her dowsing. What I find so creepy about this spirit is that I took many pictures of the waitress dowsing and it is amazing that through the last 6 pictures taken in sequence you actually see this spirit form.

So you ask me if Ashley's is haunted? Well if the stories are all correct and and the pictures they have on the wall are authentic and put them together with the evidence we got and perhaps there may be some spirits present. Do I think they are Ethel Allen, who knows for sure. What I do know is that creepy image of the women that I captured on film can not be explained away by myself or anyone else present. You decide!

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