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Is Apple ready to super-size the iPad?

do we want a 13 inch tablet.
do we want a 13 inch tablet.
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

According to the latest rumor making it way around the web, Apple is about to become the second manufacturer to enter into the 'super tablet' market. Apple's entry into this new category will be 12.9-inch behemoth iPad that is rumored to make its debut in first quarter of next year.

The Reason for going to a larger iPad can be directly attributed to the the lagging sales that the company has been experiencing over the 2nd and 3rd quarters of this year. While they still remain the leader in tablet sales with a 26.9% share of the market that is down from the 33% they held a year earlier.

The size of the new iPad won't be the only change the company is making to their icon tablet. The super-sized iPad will also support a split-screen so that the tablet will be able to run two apps at the same time making it more business friendly than previous iPads. While a split-screen isn't a new concept to the tablet world it is too the iPad.

Apple making their iPad more business friendly is directly connect to their new alliance with IBM. According to the terms of the partnership IBM will be recommending Apple device and developing enterprise apps. This is a big change for IBM who legitimized the PC when they became the first real competition to Apple in 1981 with the IBM 5150.

The larger iPad is the second time that Apple, Inc has made a size change of their tablet. In October of 2012 the company joined the small tablet market with the 7.9-inch iPad mini. When Apple came out with the iPad mini they were the late comers to a new market that android-based tablets, lead by the Kindle Fire, had all to themselves.

Other than the size and the split-screen not much is know about the rumored larger iPad.

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