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Is Anything Inappropriate Anymore???

IDGAF Attitude

One of the things that social media does for us is that it gives a wider view of the things happening outside of our world. I get around a good bit but I can also admit that I’m very selective of the company I keep. I’m horrible at pretending to like things that I don’t so I’ll try to keep away from these things. From my vantage point I can’t help but see the direction our society is moving in and question some things. As individuality becomes more of the dominant focus we seem to be losing the desire to think about or care about the world around us. Our clothing boasts what was once considered vulgar statements very blatantly. Our TV programs push the line of good taste more than ever and in the name of political correctness and the first amendment it seems everyone is allowed to run around saying anything. More problematic than that is if you attempt to challenge what is freely said you’re automatically viewed as some kind of oppressor. So is anything inappropriate anymore?




1.not suitable or proper in the circumstances.

The key to this definition is the circumstance. Generally speaking what makes up circumstance is the place and the people. Who is around and where are you. There’s a way to act for various locations. A library, a supermarket, on a public street, on the train etc,etc… Yet it seems to me that the “I can do whatever makes me feel good” attitude trumps all. How often have you been on a bus or train and someone is blasting their music to a level where everyone is forced to hear it? That’s a light example but essentially many people today overly extend their freedom within their personal space as if they are not effecting the space around them.

Where as appropriate had a basic overall understanding that everyone got and would abide by, you now have a sliding scale that changes depending on who you are around. Be clear that this isn’t just a “these crazy kids” rant because it’s grown people as well acting like they don’t know what they’re doing. Just as much as any kid they will look you in the face with this IDGAF attitude and wholeheartedly try to justify any and everything they do. Are we beyond admitting personal fault. Is it an admission of weakness to say “You know what, I shouldn’t be doing this here.” It’s seems basic to me but them you look online and people proudly wave the flag of “If you don’t feed me, finance or f**k me your opinion doesn’t matter” As ridiculous and illogical as that is, it sounds cool so it gets around.

There’s nothing wrong with acting like a member of a community. It serves us nothing to operate like a collection of individual islands instead of individuals sharing the same land. Based on my last example I only feed myself, I only really finance myself (although I help a few get money) and I’m single so by that belief very few folk should matter to me. Thankfully I operate by different rules…..#1 being the golden rule.

What does inappropriate mean to you all?

Jason Francis | The Social Media Samurai

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