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Is anti-Obama message on Texas Tailgate on point or in poor taste?

When one takes a look at the Texas pickup tailgate message which is clearly anti-Obama the reaction is either amusement or alarming rage depending upon which side of the political fence you are on. But according to Biz Pac Review the man who has it on 24 hour display is definitely sending a message about his feelings concerning the president and his mangling of the nation’s direction.

Texas tailgate of Obama is alarming democrats and liberals
photo credit - Biz Pac Review

If you live in East Texas then you may have already seen the tailgate message that is concise and to the point. Here it is: “Does this socialist a** make my truck look too big?”

Not a bad likeness that many who have seen it might say. The political statement is a reflection of John Graham who is an oil and gas man from Tyler, Texas. The photo of Obama has him dressed in Arab garb and while some local liberals may find it distasteful and over the line, Graham does not care.

He is dead set determined to keep the image of Obama on his truck’s tailgate for the remainder of his presidency. It has been up since 2009 when Obama took office and Graham says, when he first placed it, “I had a lot of repercussions of people making language signs to me with their finger.” He added, “But lately I’m seeing the opposite. I’m getting more and more thumbs up,” he told KYTX,” reported Biz Pac Review.

The U.S. Constitution’s Freedom of Speech is alive and well in Tyler, Texas and Graham is determined to exercise it each and every day.

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