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Is an open relationship a way to divorce proof a marriage?

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The idea of having an open relationship is generally not an easy one for people to consider when they are committed to someone, especially if they are in a marriage. Many people first wonder what the point was of being married is if you’re not staying committed to someone. Additionally, others think the proposition of “sharing” their partner is just absurd. But is it really? Continue reading to learn just a few of the benefits that an open relationship can have for a marriage.

1. Not conforming to a standard marriage:

Many people are actually afraid of marriage, of the shackles and bindings that come with being in a “forever” relationship with just one person; however an open marriage can change that. You don’t have to conform to the “normal” standards of marriage – instead, live your life how you want to and as long as you and your partner are in agreement, then you should never change for anyone else!

2. Emotional bond strengthens:

Marriage is not only about the physical connection people have with each other, it is also about the emotional. Just because you are having relations with another person, does not necessarily mean that you are not madly in love with your spouse. Couples in an open marriage separate love and sex, loving their partner unconditionally and sharing a deep bond that is the same, if not stronger, than many couples in a monogamous relationship.

3. Understanding and defeating your jealousy:

Everyone has dealt with the green monster before, but it takes a truly confident and understanding person to slay it. Jealousy can wreck a person’s life, ruin their confidence, and truly destroy a relationship. To be in an open relationship, you have to defeat jealousy and realize that your partner chose “you” to enjoy each and every day, and that your love for each other is enough to sustain the relationship through a number of trials.

4. Group sex:

Ever fantasized about group sex? Well, in an open relationship that becomes much more likely to happen. Couples who enjoy the physical company of other partners are often comfortable enjoying the company of partners with their spouse as well, leading to some erotic and eventful nights! Group sex is not uncommon in an open relationship.

5. No secrecy:

You never have to worry about your partner sleeping behind your back, nor do you have to worry about keeping secrets about your relationships. In fact, many find that when you are given the freedom of choice, it is very infrequently taken.

6. Makes a marriage stronger in many ways:

When two people are truly connected on a deep emotional level, that friendship and love cannot be broken. A marriage should be a way to show that person that you love them and want to spend your life with them, but that does not mean exclusively for sex.

When you take sex out of the equation you leave two main things: love and friendship. This is what a marriage is “truly” about and why many find that their relationship stays strong and continues to grow after years despite being an open marriage.

7. Pleasure and happiness:

You shouldn’t sacrifice who you are to be with someone else, which is exactly what many people do when they enter into a marriage. Many people think that, because they are married, now they have to confine sex only to their spouse. This feeling of monotony can lead to boredom, depression, and ultimately a divorce. So is an open relationship the cure?

After sex, the endorphins released create phenomenal feelings of happiness, relieve stress, and make a person feel generally more relaxed. When a person is not confined to the same partner, not kept to a specific routine, and indulges in pleasure and happiness when the opportunities arise, they are generally happier as a person. This leads to a happier marriage, happier children, and a happier life!

Your marriage is exactly that: yours. It should not be dictated by anyone else and as long as you and your partner are at terms with it, you can make the marriage work for you – not the other way around. Being in an open marriage is not necessarily a way to “divorce proof” it a hundred percent, but you can expect a huge boost in your confidence, excitement and emotional connection to your partner while also loving the decreased jealousy and secrecy that is now in your relationship!

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