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Is America at ground zero?

NEW YORK - AUGUST 22: Supporters of a Islamic cultural center and mosque planned to be built near Gr
NEW YORK - AUGUST 22: Supporters of a Islamic cultural center and mosque planned to be built near Gr
(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

The Bill of Rights came into effect in 1791. Our nation went along fine with its Christian heritage until the Scopes trial of 1926 brought evolution into the classrooms. Sure there were dissenters and rumblings but until the Scopes trial Americans could speak freely about their faith in schools.

Since that time we have kicked God out of our schools, and decided that the Bill of Rights means something different than the founders who wrote this thought it meant. Christianity is now restricted from government properties and prayer has been removed from schools (except the occasional Islamic prayer).

Our nation was a much different place in 1791. Our people had a greater respect for Christ.

Princeton (founded in 1746) decided it's motto would be "Under God's power she flourishes." But today's students think they evolved from pond scum.

Harvard (the first true college in the USA) was started to train clergymen for ministry. It was taken over by Unitarians in the 1800's and these days it turns out the leaders of Wall Street and Washington.

Our nation is a much different place than when the Bill of Rights was written.

The Founding Fathers who came up with the Bill of Rights had no problems with Christianity in the schools or on government property as they were interested in protecting the rights of the many Christians that made up our nations at the time of the Bill.

Every session of Congress begins with a prayer by a paid preacher and this has gone on since 1777.

52 of the 55 founders of the Constitution were members of Orthodox Christian churches. So they intended to protect their religious freedoms.

Go to Washington DC and notice the Scriptural references on our government buildings. The Capital Building that houses the Supreme Court has laws givers on the building and in the middle they are all facing Moses and the ten commandments.

America was a Christian nation at one time. Today she is a group of confused people confusing the rights that were established by Christians. Christians are not even allowed to pray in schools anymore...something foreign to those that came up with the Bill of Rights as almost all of those men were men of prayer. The founding fathers would scold us for allowing the lie of evolution to replace creation in our schools. When the Constitution came about America was experiencing a Great Spiritual awakening...George Whitefield, John Wesley and others were getting multitudes to come to Christ in village after village...but no one remembers this because they took it out of the books after the Scopes Trail brought evolution in (1926).

They even removed the dedication prayer of Christopher Columbus when he arrived in the West Indies. Shameful liars and deceivers these haters of God are.

So now Muslims want a Mosque near the ground their fellow believers attacked. What about respect for those that lost loved ones in the attack? What about the potential offense this could be to some of those?

I ask our fellow citizens to point to a Islamic country where a Christian church would be allowed and tell me how easy that would be. In many Muslim countries they still beat and torture Christians for being Christians. Only in the Western World where Christ had prevailed upon the people making the laws was such religious liberty given.

I recognize that some among us of think Muslims have a right to freedom of religion and such is shared by myself as well, but why so close to the site of their brothers attack?

The Muslim faith will sometimes build a mosque after it has conquered a land. Check out the dome of the Rock built on the Temple mount in Jerusalem as proof. Building a Mosque near the 9/11 attack seems very similar in strategy. Building a Mosque will give them credibility and protections by our government and building close to the site of 9/11 is not a sign of peace. A sign of peace would be for Muslims to help Americans build a memorial of peace or some other sign. A Mosque is a declaration or proof of conquest and that is the last thing we need at this time.

Building a Mosque so close would signal to Muslims around the world that their religion is so powerful and right that America itself bowed in subservience on the heels of a direct attack by the "true" believers of the Koran. 

People that don't know their history are doomed to repeat it. While we should all try to live together in peace...let us look for peace in all these matters.



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