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Is America a POW-MIA?

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With so many pivotal things going on in the world, one would think that America, with its multifarious electronic and popular distractions, didn't even care. But the opposite is true. America cares very much about what's going on in the world, since America is its chief antagonist.

When I speak of America, I am speaking specifically of the American government.

One would have to be blind, stupid, and locked in a cellar, to think that our government isn't encouraging Vladimir Putin to take over the Ukraine. One would have to be bonkers to think that our government isn't turning a blind eye to the proliferation of Iranian nuclear weaponry, to the re-emergence of Hamas in Palestine, to the reemergence of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, to missing airplanes from Malaysia, to genocide in Syria, to the killing of American doctors in Afghanistan, and to the weakening presence of the American military all around the world.

Yet, to be more specific, our government is being manipulated from a cancer cell more dangerous than the persistent, pernicious greed and cronyism usual along the Washington Beltway. Now it is being run by socialists hellbent on destroying America from within.

The usual suspects, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Cummings, and a slew of other up and coming Democrats, are joined by the usual supporters in Hollywood, Broadway, and the main stream media, not to mention the elites of the academia. But let's not forget special interest groups--interested in anti-American ideals--and the billionaires, yes, the 1%, who support left wing radicalism. Does the name George Soros ring a bell?

These anti-American ideologues direct an army of alphabet soup militants: IRS, NSA, DHS, ICE, HHS, BLM, EPA, TSA, to name but a few. With this alphabet army, these Euro-trash socialists have picked and ripped at the Constitution, resulting in the mess we are currently in.

Aside from rancher Bundy's racism, the BLM represents the problem in a microcosm. Big government is running amok...and the America we love is dying.

1/6th of our economy is now socialist. We are surveilled 24/7/365. Our economy is deteriorating as our debt goes up (17 Trillion), and the number of people completely out of the workforce increases. This coincides with an ever growing entitlement state. 2 states have legalized marijuana--recent studies show irreversible brain damage to casual users under the age of 30--and President Obama wants to release over 200,000 convicted drug offenders from prison. While gas prices go up, and billions $ go to the Saudi's, the Keystone XL pipeline is shot down for green energy initiatives which are largely unproven--and more expensive.

On the moral front, the HHS mandate continues to stick its boot on the neck of religious conscientious objectors. Abortion still reigns in the face of majority dissent. Gay marriage slowly creeps on the horizon for many states through the mafia like actions of the radical homosexual community. The Veterans Administration (VA), another government alphabet soup group, is under investigation for falsifying records, resulting in the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, of military veterans. The IRS, once again, is under investigation, for employees who didn't pay their taxes!

Yet, if you were to survey the American television landscape, or the twitter wars, or the I-phone data of the average American, you would think that life was one big party, one big game, one big giggle fest.

Keep sleeping America!

You'll get what you want. You'll get Hillary for eight years. You'll get marijuana and gay marriage and contraception, paid for by the American tax payer. Abortions will continue, illegal aliens will become registered Democrats, socialism will flourish, the Constitution will become toilet paper, and Judaeo-Christianity will become a museum section, just like Europe.

And a sign will be hung on the Statue of Liberty which reads, 'America POW-MIA.'