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Is always agreeing with everything she says destroying your relationship

Creating Connection
Creating Connection
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Kenzia Noble is one of the most famous dating coaches on planet earth. She has helped countless men achieve success in the dating world. In one of her many youtube videos, she explains the importance of creating connection with women.

Now according to Kenzia making a connection is not what most men think it is. Connection is not about discussing a lot of surface topics to find common interests or finding topics that you both agree on.

Women are constantly surrounded and approached by men that will agree with everything they say. This is unoriginal and quit boring. Kenzia says that being original and authentic is what a woman really wants. And part of being an authentic man is having the backbone to disagree with a woman’s ideals or beliefs when they are different from his own.

Why is this so attractive and irresistible? According to Kenzia a woman wants a man that will help shape her ideals and beliefs. This requires a man presenting a different perspective.

I believe that she is correct. It is only through hearing different points of view and having our own beliefs challenged, that they can be made stronger. Someone who is always agreeing with us never gives us the opportunity to grow. Healthy people not only appreciate this, they find it an attractive quality.