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Is Alistair Overeem faking a rib injury to avoid Junior dos Santos?

According to a Feb. 14 report from MMA Fighting, UFC President Dana White thinks Alistair Overeem is faking a rib injury to avoid fighting Junior dos Santos.

"I have a feeling this rib injury is going to last as long as it takes for dos Santos to get another opponent," White said. "That's what I'm willing to bet. This is going to be the longest rib injury ever. As soon as we get dos Santos a fight that rib is going to heal right up.

"You say you want to be the best in the world? You want to be the world champion? This is the No. 1 guy. This is the guy. This is the f--king gatekeeper. You beat this guy, nobody is going to question you. Shouldn't he be chomping at the bit for a fight like that? Especially when you told us how much money you deserve and how you're going to be the next champ."

Following Overeem's win over Frank Mir at UFC 169, the UFC expressed interest in setting up a clash between him and Dos Santos.

Overeem seemed interested in that fight at the UFC 169 post-fight press conference, but he quickly changed his tune just weeks later by telling the media he needed time to nurse a rib injury.

"[Overeem] marches his f--king ass in here, tells us how much he's worth," White said. "He's worth all this money, he's the best heavyweight in the world, he's going to be the champion, and he doesn't want to f--king fight anybody. I bet you his f--king rib wouldn't be hurting if we got Brock Lesnar, bet you his rib would be fine. ... Did anybody hear anything about a rib injury until I offered him dos Santos two different ways?

"You guys come to whatever conclusion you want to on that, I know what the truth is."

Is Overeem faking a rib injury just to avoid Dos Santos? Doubtful.

There's no reason why Overeem should be scared of Dos Santos, when he clearly isn't afraid of the other top heavyweights in the world.

Overeem is a man who stepped into the cage opposite heavy-handed challengers such as Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir and Travis Browne, so there's no reason why would duck a guy who lost two of his last three.

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