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Is Abby Lee Miller a bully? ‘Dance Moms’ fans upset on teachers antics

The “Dance Moms” reality show has always been controversial. After Tuesday’s episode where Abby Lee Miller offered some strong comments describing the cast and in some cases appeared to be bullying, the fans have called out the star in her antics. Another issue that caught the ire of the fans? Confronting the moms to let them know not interact with Kelly Hyland after she had a run in with the dance teacher.

“Uh-oh. @Abby_Lee_Miller confronts the moms about their lunch date with Kelly. Drama, drama! #DanceMoms,” tweeted Dance Moms from their official Twitter account on Tuesday.

This entire season has been a slow build with people getting more and more upset about the alleged aggressive behavior. In fact, some fans are alleging that the Lifetime Channel is promoting adults bullying children.

“Sad that lifetime promotes bullying children by adults,” wrote Tiffany Michelle Rogers-Cole on the official Facebook page. Those thoughts are mirrored by hundreds of viewers who are troubled watching the teacher yell, use names calling techniques and even grind her teeth in front of the children.

Is his show really about the moms of the competition? Or is it the idea of how to badger a child into a perfect performance? Some of the reality show scenes remind viewers of stories heard during the cold war when a child prodigy was scared into compliance by adults. The fear of retribution usually works with youngsters.

Does Abby Lee Miller goes too far with her tactics on “Dance Moms?” While fans argue back and forth on this point, there is one issue that they all agree on. Miller is going too far with the kids. As for the other mothers? Well, they are on their own and that includes any dinners they might have with former cast members.

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