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Is a Nuclear Iran Really a Bad Thing?


  • Jmusick 6 years ago

    Much like firearms nuclear weapons pose an inherent risk for criminal use. Both have built in safety features to reduce the potential for accidents and when in the hands of trained, rational individuals (or nations) have low probabilities (per device) of criminal use.

    However, when a firearm falls into the hands of someone who is not trained and/or rational and law abiding such as a burglar, child, or roid-rager on a drinking binge the potential damage is small. Perhaps 10-20 people could be killed prior to the authorities intervening.

    When a nuclear weapon falls into the hands of the untrained or irrational such as a new military dictator fresh off a coup or terrorist group shipment the potential for death is greatly multiplied. Millions can be killed through the initial blast, fallout, and environmental damage. It also raises the possibility that a non-state actor could be mistaken for a legitimate state, ending in nuclear war.

    Increased risk = greater emphasis on non-proli

  • Moe 6 years ago

    This is a probably the majority view of Iranians too, thanks for bringing it up.
    Iranian as a people and nation are tired of spending lot on conventional armaments without guarantee of outcome for being able to repulse invading armies, be it Western Greeks or Eastern Mongols or Southern Arabs or Northern Turks, at this point and time Iranian have a chance to have a effective defensive weapon to protect her geographical integrity and infrastructures from destruction while she still have income from oil to add and improve her well being instead of starting from scratch each time after someone else decide when to hurt Iran again and again, technology is here and they just have to materialize it sooner rather than later!

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