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Is a kiss really just a kiss?

There's so much more to a kiss than just technique.
There's so much more to a kiss than just technique.
Gabriella Fabbri,

So you’re on a date with the hot guy you met at happy hour a couple of weeks ago. Everything has been going great. You’ve turned on the charm, you’ve laughed at some corny jokes, and now the evening has come to an end. You’re standing at the Metro, making small talk, and then there’s a pause. It’s time for the first kiss. Before you get swept away in the moment, pause to consider the following results from a series of studies about kissing behaviors among college-aged students:

Women use kissing to assess a man’s potential as a mate
Women view kissing as more important to a relationship than men. For some women, the first kiss can help them decide whether or not they find a man attractive. Women tend to rate men who are bad kissers as less desirable, and more women than men indicated that they would not go on a second date with a man they believed to be a bad kisser.

Bad breath and good teeth matter more to women than to men
Women have a better command of their ability to taste and smell as compared to men. In a study about gender differences in kissing, more women than men indicated that they are likely to end a kiss or decide whether or not to continue a kiss based on a man’s breath and the taste of his mouth. Women also consider the appearance of a man’s teeth when deciding whether or not to kiss him. Men, on the other hand, decide whether or not to kiss a woman based on the physical attractiveness of her face, body, and weight.

Men prefer wet, open-mouthed kisses
Men prefer wetter, open-mouthed kisses more than women, and are more likely to prefer tongue contact than women. Men to rate a kiss as “good” when their kissing partner allows them to initiate tongue contact, when she makes low, moaning sounds, and when the kissing leads to sex. Researchers theorize that these male preferences are explained by a man’s tendency to view French kissing as a prelude to sex, and that men interpret a woman’s pleasurable sounds during kissing as a signal that she is receptive to having sex.

Where’s this headed?
More men than women reported that they would kiss a date even if they found them physically unattractive. Women are less likely than men to have sex with someone that they have not kissed. Both sexes agree, however, that being a good kisser is not the sole deciding factor in whether or not to go out on a second date with someone else.

Now back to that date. If the mood hits you, pucker and go for it. Just make sure your teeth are clean, your breath is fresh, and that you’re clear about where you’d like things to go.

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