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Is a gym membership necessary to lose weight?

Aspire Fitness Center
Aspire Fitness Center
Katrina Curry

If you’re asking yourself this question, here’s a hint for the answer. No. Gyms come with the good and the bad. Meaning, you can get great customer service and equipment, or you can get awful customer service and staff members that could care less about you and your needs.

The good thing about gym facilities is that you have a designated place to workout. Some of you may need that. A place to go that forces you to get off your bum and get into shape. Some of you may have joined a gym and paid their membership costs—whether all up front or on a month-to-month basis—and after a couple of months you stopped going and wasted all that money. Also, gyms offer the wide array of equipment to help anyone, no matter their level with their exercise needs. There’s the cardio equipment: stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, step machines, the row, etc. There is also the weight lifting equipment: the machines that balance the weight for you with the pins placed in the weight range you’re looking for, there’s the free weights that range in every type of workout you could ever need, etc.

With all the good stated above for gyms, why then would you not need one? Well, everything you can do at a gym, you can do at home. You can get an inexpensive bike to ride around town on. If it snows and you can’t ride, you can get a bike trainer to continue with your biking routine (a bike trainer is a device that allows you to put your bike on a stand in your house and still continue to pedal as it creates some resistance for you). Also, no matter the weather, you can usually run outside to get in some cardio. For the stair stepper, if you have stairs in your house, run them. Go to an office building and run the stairs there! So many cardiovascular activities can be done without paying for that membership.

As for the weights with lifting and muscle tone, well most cities have deals on equipment. In Bend, there was an article on Mt. Bachelor Fitness Equipment where Keith was just phenomenal to work with. Other cities may have places like the Big 5, or Wal-Mart among others. All you really need is an exercise ball, some dumbbells ranging in weights; start with 2 5lbs-ers and 2 10lbs-ers. Exercise bands are also a great addition as well.

So, are gyms the way to go? Some are, sure. However, with some gyms the people are less than customer friendly and their business practices may be less than ideal in the follow-up area. One place that can use better customer service strategies is Aspire Fitness. Call backs and helpful service was not an experience there. So, buy your equipment elsewhere and just get to it yourself! You don’t need the expensive facility to make you healthy!

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