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Is a destination wedding right for you?

Destination weddings have become very popular, and with good reason. Its a way to combine your wedding with your honeymoon, making for unforgettable memories. One drawback however is not everyone may be able to attend due to lack of money or time off of work. You can get around that by having a celebration once you are back home, and have a slide show with pics of the wedding.

So....where to have your destination wedding. Some ideas are: in a foreign country, one that has special meaning to you, on a warm tropical beach, atop a mountain at a ski resort, or perhaps a dramatic city like Las Vegas or New York City. Don't forget nearer to home destinations, like Door County or Apostle Islands.

Most destination resorts that cater to weddings have event and wedding planners to take care of all the details, leaving you to just enjoy. Check ahead to be sure if necessary documents are needed, that they will arrive in plenty of time.