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Is a career coach necessary or just a waste of money?

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The biggest reality in a job search is understanding that it is extremely difficult to go it alone. This is especially true for those go-getters who like to be in control of their own destiny. Perhaps it is a little touch of ego that prevents someone from coming to the self-realization that they need help in your job search. Humbling oneself to the point they see the need for support in their job search is a critical part of any career transition.

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The days of opening up the local newspaper going to help wanted ad, employment agencies, or driving down the street seeing help-wanted signs are, for the most part, in the past. Today's job search requires technical savvy and precise wording to get one's resume to be seen by recruiters using social media either directly or through a trusted headhunter.

Having a LinkedIn page is a start and without a strong LinkedIn network you will not be an effective tool in a job search. Understanding how to use keywords and growing your network requires a second pair of eyes and a second, more experienced mind assisting in the endeavor.

Career coaches are also familiar with ways of using social media and the jobseeker's former contacts to uncover those jobs that have yet to have been posted. Working with a career coach can prioritize the job seeker's activities and serve as an accountability coach to shorten the unemployment period.