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Is a $75 T shirt really worth it?

A T shirt is a T shirt
A T shirt is a T shirt
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There is something every budget-conscious fashionista should know how to do: mix your low-cost items with more expensive stuff for a sophisticated look that will fool people into thinking you spent more than you did. But it’s important not to make the mistake of spending less on something that looks cheap—that just ruins your whole outfit. You need to know the things you can buy at a low price but will look as good (or close enough) as their higher-priced versions. One of those things is the T shirt.

No one could say that a company shouldn't be able to charge whatever they want for a T shirt (take no offense, James Perse and C & C California). Of course their fabrics are sumptuous, their craftsmanship impeccable, their colors lovely. Can a $10 Target T shirt compete with that? No. But I’ll continue to fill my closet with bargain T shirts because the trade-off works— wouldn’t you rather save your money to buy something truly unique and noteworthy (fancy boots, possibly) than splurge on something so basic? Besides, if you go to Target, you can also get your prescriptions filled and buy tonight's dinner—something you'll never be able to do at a designer boutique.