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Is a 5k for you?

This is an amazing time of year. The leaves are changing colors, the unbearable heat of summer is gone, and has been replaced by comfortable temperatures, conducive for outdoor activities.

One of my favorite fall activities is to participate in community 5k events. These events are for walkers and runners alike. It is a great opportunity to meet and interact with others who share your desire to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Events are taking place all across the Chicagoland region. To find a full listing or events please visit: And the next time you are at your local running, or athletic store pick a complimentary copy of Competitors magazine. They always have a section, in their magazine, listing upcoming events.

Your fitness level will determine your preparation. If you are already walking on a regular basis, these 3.2 mile events will not take you out of your comfort zone. If you are new to exercise, I recommend that you begin preparing for an event, a few weeks in advance. First, begin walking on a regular basis. Second, you will need to ensure that you vary you course terrain, after all you never know what the official course will be like and you want to be prepared. And, finally don’t forget to increase your distance, as you train.

These events are usually family friendly, and offer wonderful goodie bags. Though there are some people that are participating in these events to increase their personal best pace, or to win a prize, keep in mind that most of your fellow participants are there to have a fun, and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

Hope to see you at a 5k!


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