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Is '2048' the next 'Flappy Bird'? (Video)

Missing Flappy Bird?

2048 chases down Flappy Bird
Gabrielle Cirulli

Well, there's a new game in town which just might overtake the mobile gaming title which was so addictive, its creator abruptly removed it from the web to howls of protest.

A video posted to YouTube on March 24 shows how deceptively simple the game, called 2048, is to play. And, how addictive it is as well.

Actually, 2048 produces a much more satisfying feeling than Flappy Bird, because there's math involved. The idea of the tile slider mobile game is to move numbers around the screen to arrive at a total score of 2048, hence the title.

Flappy Bird, in the end, had no real payoff. And, with its similarity to another gigantic cultural icon, Rubik's Cube, 2048 has the potential to fill the Flappy Bird void in millions of addicted gamers' hearts and minds.

Invented by mobile gaming apps designer Gabriele Cirulli, the game is available to PC, iOS and Android users on various platforms without, as yet, a dedicated app.

That's surely going to change as comments on videos popping up on YouTube show the increasing mania over the game.

It's only a matter of time.

Click the video to learn how to beat 2048 in about four minutes.

What do you think? Will you try 2048?

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