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Irvington: Far From Ordinary (Updated!)

This sign denotes this historic home sits in Irvington!
This sign denotes this historic home sits in Irvington!
Melissa Estes

What comes to mind when you think of a couple’s retreat or a family weekend? Planning? Packing? Expensive? Stressful? If you are like most folks, the sheer number of options is enough to dampen the spirits of any travel bug, let alone figuring up cost, where to stay, and what to do. There must be another way!

There is and it is a deceptively simple idea: stay local.

This writer is well aware of the “Stay Local” promotions that we’re inundated with these days. Things such as groceries, shopping, and dining out are all being hailed as the way to go green and save energy, so it may be easy to just shrug off this suggestion. But if you’re on a budget and want something to do, think about what you DON’T know about your city.

Take for instance the community of Irvington on the east side of the city. Were you aware that Irvington has a house where a serial killer lived and murdered, is the birthplace of Butler University (Go Bulldogs!) and what is thought to be the largest known oak tree in the U.S.! Who could ask for more?

If strange and unusual isn’t your forte and food and music are, places like the former Lazy Daze Coffee House, in the heart of Irvington, offer live poetry readings. If you like to peruse a book while sipping your cup of Joe, then head across the street from the former Lazy Daze building to Bookmamas. They deal in spectacular new and used books as well as hosting authors, poetry readings, and scrapbooking sessions. Down the street, in a Washington store front, is a family owned ice cream shop called "Wyliepalooza's Ice Cream Emporium that serves unique flavors and traditional fare. And within a three block area also sits a fabulous little antique mall, Jockamo's Pizza, and the very first park ever established in Indianapolis, all within Historic Irvington! If you can dream it up, you can most likely do it here!

Are you ready to redefine the weekend getaway?

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