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IRS Tea Party targeting scandal needs serious closure

IRS targeting of particular groups for severe harassment is low-class bullying and is totally unacceptable in a country for "We the people." It is a selfish disregard for America in general.

Darrell Issa asserts that Holder's choosing someone so openly and obviously partisan to lead an investigation into partisan targeting of opposition groups is "unbelievable" and "highly inappropriate."
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Whether you like Obama as President or don't like Obama, we need to care about high-level lawless discrimination.

The IRS has admitted and apologized for their misconduct, but the damage has been done and election results affected,

"Unfortunately for Republicans, the IRS slowed Tea Party growth before the 2012 election. In March 2010, the IRS decided to single Tea Party groups out for special treatment when applying for tax-exempt status by flagging organizations with names containing 'Tea Party,' 'patriot,' or '9/12.'

For the next two years, the IRS approved the applications of only four such groups, delaying all others while subjecting the applicants to highly intrusive, intimidating requests for information regarding their activities, membership, contacts, Facebook posts, and private thoughts.

As a consequence, the founders, members, and donors of new Tea Party groups found themselves incapable of exercising their constitutional rights, and the Tea Party's impact was muted."--- Research paper, Stan Veuger, Andreas Madestam (from Stockholm University), Daniel Shoag and David Yanagizawa-Drott (both from the Harvard Kennedy School).

The administration refers to this wrongdoing as a "phony scandal," implying there is nothing to hide; but it has lawlessly refused to produce all but 10% of relevant documents required by The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. See Memo to Committee Members from Majority Staff on IRS obstruction.

The ACLJ filed suit against the IRS on behalf of 41 conservative groups in 22 states, and received a response from the administration to dismiss legal accountability for the scandal.

Conflict of Interest

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, less than 10% of Americans have ever given money to any candidate for any office. In election year 2008, "barely more than one-half of one percent gave more than $200 to a federal candidate."

How does that fact relate to the title of this article?

The Dept. of Justice prosecutor conducting the Obama administration harassment scandal is already well above average in political contributions, having given more than most people will ever reach in their lifetimes. She, Barbara Bosserman, has given $6,750 to President Obama’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the Obama Victory Fund.

Obviously this is one fan who is biased, and we cannot take results of this investigation seriously.

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