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IRS targeting of individuals and groups should be a concern for all

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testifies before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testifies before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

As the investigation into Internal Revenue Service targeting of political opponents of the Obama administration continues, it is clear that Democrats are more concerned with defending the administration than finding answers as to the origin of the action. All citizens should be concerned that the IRS, arguably the most powerful agency in the government, used their power to target citizens and groups that were in opposition to the sitting administration.

It is disappointing that rather than probing for the truth, many are simply working to protect their political positions. Both the IRS and the White House insisted early on that there was no organized targeting and attempted to place the blame on “a couple of rogue agents” from an Ohio office, which has been proven to be false. The targeting of political opponents to impact the outcome of a presidential election is a serious issue and should be worrisome to all, but because this occurred during a Democratic administration that had popular support from many, including much of the media, there are many that have gone into defense mode. The three major networks (ABC, NBC, and CBS) have failed to even provide updates on the ongoing hearings. One must question if it had been a Republican administration and the victims of the targeting had been the NAACP, Planned Parenthood, or the LBGT movement if the attitude would be the same?

Those that continue to believe that there was no organized plan to hinder those opposing Obama’s reelection should review the timeline with an open mind.

The first lie in the IRS targeting of the administrations political opponents was revealed more than a year ago-even the IRS Ohio office involved blasted Lois Lerner for her attempt to place blame with them. The initial attempt to place the blame on lower level workers was proven to be a lie advanced simply to end the investigation quickly. Reasonable people should ask why?

As the investigation continued to progress, those in positions of supervision, including Lerner and the White House continued to try to blame it on "two lower level agents." Obama himself placed the blame on “a couple of knuckleheads” in the Ohio office. Then Lerner pleads the fifth when called to testify before the congressional committee, which in itself is an act taken due to concern of prosecution due to illegal activity, and the stonewalling continues.

When Lerner’s lack of corporation on the grounds she may incriminate herself in illegal activity failed to bring an end to the investigation, the lost emails to outside agencies was announced. Next the committee requested the hard drive be provided so that a search may be done in an attempt to recover the emails in question, but the IRS says the hard drive was destroyed. The IRS gives assurances that they tried to recover the emails and were unsuccessful-that should reassure us all.

Rather than working to uncover where the idea to target administration opponents originated, it seems many are more concerned with protecting not only the administration, but themselves. It has already been revealed that Democrats, including Carl Levin, had sent requests themselves to the IRS urging that the agency take a longer look at TEA party requests for Non-profit status.

Is it any wonder that those that made requests to the IRS to take the actions they did now are more concerned with defending the agency, the White House and above all themselves?

While it is highly unlikely that any direct connection to the White House will be discovered, either as a result of destruction of evidence or because the administration didn’t orchestrate the action, all citizens should be demanding the truth. Whether a person is a Democrat, Republican, or other, IRS targeting should a concern. If it is allowed under one administration, it is a threat under any administration.

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