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IRS, progressives still targeting conservatives

The IRS and other government entities are still targeting conservative groups for harassment.
The IRS and other government entities are still targeting conservative groups for harassment.
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Despite the outcry against the IRS, the Obama administration, and other government "progressives" for targeting conservatives and conservative groups for retaliatory punishment, all of the evidence indicates that these entities are still engaging in political retribution against those who would dare oppose them.

The term "progressive" has always been a misnomer for the political movement that supports measures that are far from progressive but are actually regressive, promoting centralized government control over the lives in citizens, even if they must force citizens into behaviors that are against their will.

The Obama administration was roundly condemned for engaging in harassment of conservatives and then seeking to cover it up when it was disclosed in 2013 that it had used the IRS to hammer conservative groups, leading to years of delays in granting tax exempt status to Tea Party groups, religious organizations, and pro-Israeli advocate groups.

IRS personnel lied to Congress about the illegal activity, in spite of lower level employees who blew the whistle on the illegal activity.

So far Congress has done nothing to stop the illegal activity. And the IRS continues its Nazi-like purge.

A group of Hollywood conservatives formed an organization years ago called "Friends of Abe," which seeks to advance conservative ideals in a town where such things are considered heresy by most stars who are known for their extremist leftist views.

Friends of Abe, it was reported Thursday, is now in the sites of the IRS as the agency seeks to review its activity, requesting that documents be turned over for close scrutiny, all of which leads to yet another conservative group being delayed unduly from being granted tax exempt status.

If the IRS could show that all political groups are treated equally, then well and good. But so far it is clear from the evidence that conservative groups are treated much differently than liberal groups.

For example, none of George Soros' multiplicity of leftist political groups had such trouble with the IRS.

And this is far from being the only example of the harassment of conservatives by the government. The filmmaker of an anti-Obama sleeper hit movie titled 2016: Obama's America, Dinesh D'Souza, has been indicted for supposedly giving too much money to a candidate that opposed former Sen. Hillary Clinton's election.

Producer Gerald Molen told The Hollywood Reporter that the charges against D'Souza are purely politically motivated.

As if this were not enough, conservative activist James O'Keefe told Fox News Thursday that N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has targeted his group with a subpoena demanding that documents be turned over to state government.

O'Keefe is famous for making documentary films that expose corruption and lawlessness among progressives by using hidden cameras and microphones.

Apparently Gov. Cuomo has used the state Department of Labor to go after O'Keefe and his group, Project Veritas. O'Keefe believes that the tactics used by Cuomo mirror those of the Obama administration in using the IRS to target conservatives.

O'Keefe further maintains that when Cuomo stated last week that conservatives are not welcome in New York and that their values do not reflect who New Yorkers are, he was not merely mouthing empty rhetoric. He is backing up his hatred of conservatives with actions that can be considered sheer harassment.


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