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IRS contemptuously steals from Americans

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The IRS is a department of the Treasury to secure federal income through taxation of property, business, and spending. Beginning in 1913 under Woodrow Wilson, Democrat’s restructured the IRS to be the venue by which they would pick the pockets of successful American citizens via new income taxes. This allows them to not only tax property and spending, but also wages, so they tax people’s money both when they receive it and when they spend it.

Democrat donors, by means of cronyism in government, were given loopholes by which to avoid paying their taxes. Under Barack Obama the situation has become dire as crony government takes taxes from successful businesses and gives it to their friends whose businesses are failing, thereby rewarding bad business by propping them up. The same is being done for states whose crony government, like the Obama regime, are sucking the wealth out of the people and making themselves rich. The IRS has reached a new low by being used to target and steal from conservative citizen groups who object to Democrat’s this colossal waste and abuse of taxpayer’s money.

Under investigation for this corruption, IRS Commissioners Lerner and Koskinen shat upon investigators with the smug assurance of knowing that neither the president, nor his attorney general, both of whom have announced they will not uphold the law, will lift a finger to enforce laws that would halt their efforts to steal American prosperity. Quite the contrary, with all the gall of a Banana Republic Leftist dictator, they say that they want more money from taxpayers to “fix” the IRS up with new computers. This is akin to having your boss stealing some of your wages through a rightful deduction he refuses to give you, blaming the computer, and then offering to fix the computer if the employee would pay him more.

Lawlessness in the Obama regime and corruption in the GOP

Americans putting their faith in Democrats and their crony government are either complicit in their crimes or complete fools voting for their own destruction and then not knowing who is to blame – which would be themselves. What will it take for the majority of Americans to wise up and realize that the man they elected does not have America’s best interests at heart, is not misguided or incompetence or having his policies obstructed, but that he deliberately wants to cause America’s decline? Obama’s ideology has always been that socialism and Islamism are superior to American Christian capitalism, and all of his actions have been to bring down American power in the world and elevate the power of our enemies.

Democrat donors are unconcerned with his objectives so long as they result in their accruing vast wealth in the process and his voters get some “free money.” They have made Washington, D.C. the richest region in the country, taking the place of Silicon Valley where America’s greatest technological advances have been made. These are the people who are saying, “Republicans are willing to destroy the American economy and don’t care if American people die,” to the ignorant, low-information voter who isn’t watching what the people he voted for are doing as they are the politicians doing exactly that. The only satisfaction that will be left to the righteous patriots who love the American Way is that, after the Left kills the goose that lays the golden eggs, they will be the ones who suffer the most.

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